Scenes from the Weekend

This weekend was more laid back than usual. It was nice to veg out...
ha! I wish I could take credit for all this brightly colored goodness. But David is the one with the green thumb.
If you follow me on Instagram (#laurapark3r) you would know I found a recipe for pickling pepperoncini's without canning. We can open them up and test them out on the 31st. So if the recipe is a success I will share it!
Saturday morning a local antique shop was having a sidewalk sale. They had tons of goodies to pick from. I swooped up on a vintage American flag bunting and an old door.
David and I have lived in our home for two years now and although it's just a rental we treat it like it's ours. For TWO years now David has asked me to cover the heater (for when it's not in use) and TWO years late(r) I delivered!
It actually could not be more perfect and really goes well with the rest of our décor. Plus it was only 28.00 so that was awesome as well!
On Saturday we celebrated my dad's birthday...his last in his 60s! I found this photo of him from my parents wedding day and thought it was perfect.
Sunday was...a total bust!
My friend and I drove to San Francisco to see Ed Sheeran and Sara Bareilles perform at 97.3 annual free concert in Golden Gate Park. Not only was the weather crappy, overcast and slightly raining.We waited in line for over an hour (after we were in the car for over an hour) only to be told the concert had reached maximum capacity!
We stopped in at a coffee house in Nopa and drank some hot beverages to warm up. This was awesome mostly due to the conversation that was taking place next to us. A young girl rattling off about being a feminist and then literally two sentences later was naming all the Spanish versions of derogatory terms towards women...

We finished off the day by heading out to see The Bling Ring. I thought it was entertaining. Did anyone else see it? I had known about the story for quite sometime and I thought it was interesting the error the movie made. They introduce her sister in the movie as Emily, but later Nikki - who is playing Alexis Neiers (Emma Watson) refers to her as Gabby in an interview. And Gabby is the real name of the little sister of Alexis.
Did anyone else catch that?
I also watched Alexis on Dateline on Friday. That was interesting...
Okay long ramblings!! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Those veggies are gorgeous! I'm attempting to garden, but I'm not much of a green thumb myself so we shall see. Oddly enough, neither is my husband, and he's a farmer. Amazing that he can plant fields of corn and soybeans but we struggle with a tiny little garden outside our house!


  2. That door is a perfect cover.... worth the wait! Sorry yesterday was a semi-bust but in regards to the bling ring, not sure what all the hype is about... I mean some people are even following them on instagram (who would do that?!) HaHa whoops :) Did you end up making cherry pie for the Birthday? LYMI.

  3. um can david please start on a blog on how to grow vegetables. i kill all flowers so there's no way i'm keeping vegetables alive! i heard bling ring wasn't very good. so it's good to hear you liked it. my husband loves hermione so i think i could convince him to see it with me. your dad was a stud back in the day!

  4. Your veggies look amazing!! Also -- I was wanting to see the Bling Ring, glad to know you thought it was entertaining

  5. Those veggies look delicious!! And your door is so neat looking!! :)

  6. I wanted to know where did you bought this heater cover?

    1. It's actually an old door that I found at an antique shop in town. Just happened to be a perfect fit!