Five on Friday

1. New Blog Design

I am feeling dressed in glitter and PRETTY! And all that credit goes to the awesome Laura of Laura Wyatt Designs who gave my little corner of the world wide web a makeover. Thank you!!
2. Giants Game
Last night I went to the Giants vs. Marlins game with one of my vendors from work. In my (totally biased) opinion we have one of the most beautiful ball parks in the nation and I am so happy to call it home! Bummer we lost :(

3. FINN Friday
I've also decided that Friday's will get a new snapshot of Finn every week. Because why not? He's adorable and he once was a model...don't believe me? Here is one of his headshots...yup I'm that furmama. It's cool he's only slightly famous...

4. Birthday Time
We're also celebrating my dad's birthday on Saturday - his last in his 60s!
He is a huge fan of cherry pie so I am entertaining the idea of making this for him. Damn you Pinterest there are so many things I want to try!

5. Pickling
Our garden cucumbers are growing faster than I know what to do with them! I am on the hunt for a good pickling recipe. So if you have one to share please do! This was my result when I pickled two years ago. The whole pickles tasted much better than the sliced pickles - I have no clue what recipe I used.
As always hope you have a lovely weekend!


  1. You're so lucky you get to go to Giants games on a regular basis! We want to go in July when we're down for Vtime's wedding!

  2. Awww Finn is such a cutie! I'm a slightly overly-obsessed furmama with my doggy too!


  3. My thoughts for Friday... 1. AT&T Park is without a doubt the BEST ballpark in the country.... and Home of Champions (this season is questionable) 2. LOVE the blog design 3. Wish the Patriarch a Happy 69th from me! 4. I had a feeling Finn Friday was going to happen sooner or later! 5. CAN.NOT.WAIT. for all of David's fresh veggies to be ripe and ready... they are SO good!!! 6. Hopefully I will be your neighbor by then and walk over to snack! 7. Happy Friday!!!!!!

  4. I like your design on your blog! Very cute! I'm one of those crazy dog ladies, so I think your little baby is adorable!

  5. love the new blog design! please post pickle recipe when you find a winner! Finn is adorable. :)

  6. Finn is so handsome! No wonder he was a model. Your new blog design has influenced me to get a new one too so I'll be working on that this weekend! Have a good weekend!

  7. Yeah I'm obsessed with your new design. Like it's not healthy.

  8. Ok. Official BFF. Love the design. Love for dog. Love you. DONE.

  9. I hope you've had a lovely weekend girl and I love your new design! Congrats!!! :)