You know, I always try and be an optimist, silver lining, grass is always greener girl
because the alternate to optimistic is just plain
If you're already having a bad day why bring it further down with crappy thoughts?
Needless to say it's only Wednesday and my week has been rough. David left for a business trip to Las Vegas on Monday - which naturally would be perfect timing for shit to hit the fan...which is exactly why my car decided to die on the upper floor of a parking garage.

While I do have jumper cables, the kind lady next to me was unable to start my car. David - who can fix just about anything - was gone, so render me helpless.
Cue Optimism
After about 10 more minutes a kind man offered to try and jump me again but with his own cables. Well, well Val (my trusty old car) decided she was ready to be fired up and we were literally off and running.
Thank you kind strangers and thank you to all my friends who offered advice or a way to help. A special thank you to dad who told me to join AAA - ya know cause I used it just last weekend when I locked my keys in the car?! Yeah, that would have been really helpful - had I listened.
Then I came home to this face
So I took my boy for a walk around the neighborhood and we settled in at home watching a shit ton of horrible reality tv educational television...
But you see...the pups has not been acting normal as of late and in the middle of the night he has been freaking out
sitting on my throat/body/stomach.
total magnet/clingy/shadow.
He even crawled behind the shower curtain to be near me while I showered this morning - and he hates the water. And while I love him needing me - it's so abnormal it's freaking me out. This has been happening for a week now, every.single.night.
 3am, 4am, 5am
So we went to the vet and drew some blood work yesterday and are awaiting results.
In the meantime Finn got prescribed Xanax which is slightly amusing and totally sad all in one.

At the same time I saw someone coming out of an exam room who had just sent their pet to Rainbow Bridge - two grown men, two grown men crying, two men leaving with nothing but a leash and collar in hand...
And I cried right along with them
So basically after this long post I am asking to borrow a little of everyone else's optimism. Although I am remaining optimistic this is just a rare/weird incident it never hurts for more wishes in the wish gallery.


  1. omg I would be crying with those men, too! So sad. Glad it nothing more than anxiety for sweet Finn. I bet that was scary though when he was acting weird.

  2. aw poor muffin! do you have the results back yet? prayers for all to be a-ok! and those car problem pictures - hilarious. i struggle to stay optimistic too in times like that but there's always the silver lining somewhere...maybe david will hit the jackpot in vegas and come home with a billion bucks?

  3. I learned the hard way with the car stuff too. Now, I keep a set of jumper cables in my car at all times AND we're members of AAA.

  4. Awww, poor little guy :-( Hope you get the answers that you need soon!!

    And you have a great outlook on all of the negative things in our life-- keep up the optimism :-)

  5. I'm sending positive energy your way, and your doggies way! My sister-in-law's yorkie is on xanax for anxiety...hopefully it's nothing more than that.


  6. I think my dog needs some xanax too... Hopefully your pup will be back to normal soon! Couldn't agree more about optimism. It may be hard during bad situations but I'm convinced it helps make things get a little better.

  7. awww poor thing! I hope your pup gets better ASAP!


  8. Finn will be fine, promise! He is just probably getting anxiety attacks at the thought that I may be his neighbor again soon!! Enjoy the extra puppy snuggles while David is gone! xoxox lymi

  9. Oh I just hugged my pup tight. Finn will be okay!!!!

  10. Poor Finn! He's too adorable to be sick! Lets hope its just anxiety!

  11. You have THE CUTEST puppy!! I am sending tons and tons of good thoughts your way!