Tim McGraw Concert

Country Lovin'

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I am headed to the Tim McGraw concert on Sunday with a group of friends for a surprise birthday party and I am so ready for a good country concert! I haven't seen Tim since college and well... that was a blur! One of the funnier memories from the previous Tim concert was we were not quite 21 yet (try 19!) and we strapped Coors Light to our calves with electrical tape - you can imagine how well that went! Luckily skinny jeans were not on trend yet so we could really use those flare pants to our advantage!

Luckily I have indeed grown wiser with each birthday...

 This will also be me and David's first concert together. Which is crazy because we have been together 8+ years! To say we have opposing music tastes is an understatement. He's not a huge country fan but that's okay cause my girlfriends all love country!

If I had a virtual closet this is what I would be wearing on Sunday night, especially since the temps are going to be HOT! Another 90 degree weekend up ahead. Nothing pairs as well together as a tan, drinking, friends and a country concert.

Summer in my book has arrived!


  1. CAN.NOT.WAIT.!!! I defiantly won't make the same wardrobe mistake I made when we went in 2003! OMG - was it really TEN years ago?? I've got my boots and free people dress - I'll bring my extra hat for you too :) xoxo

  2. I'm a new reader--I'm seeing Tim on Friday here in San Diego and I can't wait!! And I, too, *barely* remember the first time I saw him (when I was 19!!!). We actually wound up driving up to LA to see him the next night sober! Good times, good times. I hope we both have fun this weekend--and the surprise party sounds like so much fun!

  3. Lucky lady!! Country concerts are always so much fun!