Five on Friday

Linky Linky time!

1. New Blog Design
I'm excited to be getting a new look by the talented Laura Wyatt Designs! Can't wait to see what she comes up with...I'm thinking ómbre!
2. Birthdays & Father's Day
This weekend my nephew turns 3 and we will be celebrating at a local pizza joint. The following day we will be celebrating my pops. Still trying to think of what to get him!
The pops with all his ladies at my Rehearsal Dinner
 3. Wooden Numbers & Signs
In place of a guest book at our wedding we ordered a wooden ampersand from Uncle John's Cabin on Etsy. I love the way it turned out - it perfectly fit our decor of the wedding and of our home.
Jennifer Skog Photography
So when I saw this I thought how cute would that look on the other side of where we have the & hanging? Our wedding date is on the 6th and I thought it would be cute if we wrote little love notes to one another on every anniversary? Nothing too cheesy as it hangs on a main wall but I thought it would be a cute way to document through the years. Plus it's $20 - winning!
4. iPhone 6
It's just a myth right now as to weather or not the next iPhone will be a 5S or a 6 but either way I am waiting for it. My two-year contract is due for a renewal and I am holding out for the latest and greatest iPhone. Hope it's not too far away!
I can hardly wait to spend money I don't have on an iPhone upgrade I don't need.
5. Carpe Diem
Two of my very good friends from college own a wine bar called Carpe Diem in downtown Napa. Since Napa is only a 45 minute drive away we are able to see them often and enjoy their delicious food and wine. We are headed there this evening on a ladies night  to stir up some trouble!
Hope all you lovelies have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. i LOVE that ampersand and the 6! such a cute idea! thanks for stopping by! xo

  2. CAN.NOT.WAIT. for tonight!! Is it 5 yet? Considering I am stuck at the DMV I may pretend I'm on East Coast time and have an early happy hour before we head to Napa!! Carpe After Darke :) Happy Friday Bestie! lymi

  3. The wooden numbers and "&" is so cute!! Happy weekend :)

  4. Can't wait to see the new blog design...I'll miss this current one! ;) And love the idea of writing little love notes to each other!! xo

  5. Adore the wooden number idea for your anniversaries!