Scenes from the Weekend

So I was planning on having a dresser reveal today but I was out too late last night at the Tim McGraw concert for that to happen! So instead a weekend recap

Saturday blessed the Bay Area with temps over 100 degrees. Thank goodness for pools and Moscow Mules!!

Sunday night we went to the Tim McGraw concert which was awesome! Until we discovered my friends purse had been stolen :( So annoying, you're all there for the same purpose to watch a good concert and some jerks have to go ruin it for others. One word...
And foolishly this is the only photo I got pre-concert. Which bums me out because I was rockin' a cute outfit!
Now I am off to nurse my hangover...
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  1. Fun weekend.... Rough Monday morning!! I just filed my police report, ordered a new iPhone and debit card, stared longingly at my empty Tory Burch pouch and now time to get ready to head to the DMV.... After I catch up on blogs of course ;) Thanks to said jerk for making my morning so productive!! I had a cute picture of us on my phone. Bummer - we will just have to rock that dress to Kenny Chesney and bring fanny packs this time!! Anywhoooo, can't wait for everyone to see the dresser reveal - amazeballs!! xoxo Bestie!

  2. PS - you looked beautiful last night!! Cutest outfit award!

    1. Thanks bestie! Ugh I was thinking about that cute pic on your phone this morning too!! I wish photos went into the cloud - wait! Did they? Maybe it went to your iPad? Wishful thinking but maybe!

  3. Some people can be so low! I hope she didn't have cash in the purse and got all her credit cards cancelled stat! Besides that looks like you had a nice weekend!

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  5. Whoops posted and then accidentally deleted it!

    Looks like a perfect weekend, I'm jealous of your super warm temperatures! I think summer has finally decided to grace us this week in Illinois


  6. Tim McGraw concert is a great reason for a hangover!! karma 100% for whoever stole your friends purse! very jealous of your pool days.