Weekend Recap

This weekend I attempted to make an ombré cake for my mom. Key word...attempted. I just used regular white box cake mix and an 8" round nonstick pan. I kept the first cake white, second cake light pink and last cake as dark pink as I could make it with red food dye. Frosting it was the most difficult - as you can see at my feeble attempt below! At least it still tasted good!

We also started round one of dresser refinishing...
David and I are currently at a crossroads of how to paint it. I bought the Annie Sloane chalk paint in Graphite and he sprayed it with one coat of paint. However after letting it dry the chalk paint is not very durable - hence chalklike. We could write on it with our fingernails! I think once the Annie Sloane dark wax goes on it should be okay. Our disagreement is that he wants to keep the top natural wood and I want it painted...
to be continued

Lastly I took this picture of David with my nephews. They are so enamored with him it's too cute. Gives me a little glimpse into the future.

Hope your weekend was lovely! Why do they go by so quickly?


  1. A coworker uses Annie Sloan chalk paint all the time and I'm dying to try it! Keep us posted how it turns out!

  2. So excited I got to see the dresser before and in process... It's going to look so good!! And for the cake... Pretty good first cake! Let's make an excuse to make another!!

  3. Loving that cake! I just discovered your blog and I am your newest follower. xx

  4. I think your cake turned out great. I'm sure your mom really appreciated your efforts! Good luck with your dresser!