5 on Friday

I'm linking up to these lovely ladies to dish my five!
1. A New Dresser
 David and I pick this girl up on Saturday. I have been scouring Craigslist for weeks looking for a long dresser. I was getting frustrated because all David's clothing is just sitting atop our guest bed creating a mess! I'm excited to refinish it have David refinish it. A definite before/after post with the big reveal! Bonus: I see a changing table one day...

2. Art & Wine Festival
 We have the annual Art & Wine Festival this weekend. This is the first one to kick off the many summer Art & Wines Festivals that happen around me. And it's supposed to be high 80s!
3. This quote
I often have to remind myself to just slow down and enjoy the ride. I am really looking forward to everything that is yet to come for us!

4. Canon Rebel T4i
David bought this for me for my 30th birthday and I absolutely love it. I swear each time I pick it up I learn something new about it. I also bought the Nifty Fifty Lense because I read it's a must have. I agree!!

5. My mama
My mom and dad are always in Aruba for my mom's birthday and Mother's Day since they fall within their two week vacation. So we are celebrating her on Sunday and I plan on attempting to make this ombre cake - with documentation of course! Done this before? Give me some tips in the comments!


  1. Yay for the dresser find!! And will definitely double as a great changing table one day! ;)

  2. That quote is one of my favorites! And cannot wait for tomorrow... Hot weather and lots of wine should make for an intresting execution of party details (& ombre cakes!) by us for your mom and my dad's birthday parties on sunday!! #nopostitnotesplease

  3. Wow that dresser is a great find! I think it will look so nice once it's refinished! Can't wait to see the results!


  4. i think that your cake is pretty dang good looking if the above is what you were going for - and have so much fun with that camera! and new camera is the best.