Tomales Bay

This weekend we celebrated our friend, Justin's, birthday by spending Sunday in Tomales Bay. It was a windy gorgeous day! Our first stop was Marin French Cheese Company, we selected our own cheeses and wines and ate out by the lake.
After Marin French Cheese we drove out to Marshall, CA for some oysters! David and I have been before but it was everyone else's first trip - we were happy to play tour guide!

We choose to go to the Marshall Store for our oysters, but there are plenty of awesome places to stop. One of our favorite restaurants in Marshall is Nick's Cove. They have cute little cottages set up on the bay that you can rent out and the restaurant has amazing food! Highly recommend!
Four dozen oysters disappeared in about four minutes!
BBQ Oysters
Kerri & Kerri enjoying oysters!
Birthday Boy!

Pretty sure David ate two dozen of the four dozen
It was such a lovely three day weekend. Memorial Day weekend is so much more than the kickoff to summer. It's remembering and honoring the lives of all the men and women in our country who have given up their freedom to ensure we have ours.
Thank You.


  1. Looks like so much fun!! Even the oysters look good to me! ;)

  2. Such a fun adventure!! Next time we need more time to explore and eat... More ;) yum!!