5 Things that Make Me Happy

1. Blankets
Giraffe at Home has such amazing blankets! My husband bought me this when I bonked my head on the bottom of our friends pool (ouch!). It definitely made me feel better!
This IS stationary heaven and one just opened up in my town! My gift wrapping skills are about to become so much more impressive!

Hedgehog Wrapping Paper yes please!!
3. The Ocean
I swear all my troubles just melt away when standing next to a body of water.
 I am a true Pisces :)
This is me on our honeymoon in Kauai!
4. A good book
Currently I am reading Unbroken, which is not a normal read for me but it's my book clubs current pick. I have yet to sit down with it and really dive in. But so far so good! My two favorite books are A Dog's Purpose & The Other Boleyn Girl. SO GOOD!

5. My little family
After seven years together my husband and I tied the knot on October 6, 2012! We have been together since we were 21, survived a long distance relationship (he was in Kansas City, MO and I was in San Diego, CA) and rescued our dog, Finnley in 2010. I am so lucky to have him as my other half!
Well that is a little about me! Hope you enjoy reading my blog - this is all new to me!!
xoxo Laura