Scenes from the Weekend

Friday night we had a ladies night at Carpe Diem and had a blast. Afterwards we headed to Empire which is a new bar in Napa - pretty swanky and a different vibe for Napa. The night went into the early morning with lots of laughter, ridiculousness and non-appropriate blog talk!
 The next day I was off to celebrate my nephew's 3rd birthday. Seriously I could take pictures of this face
His Pinterest inspired birthday card!

Later that evening I got to hang out with good ole AAA as I locked my keys in the car! Argh, I have not done this in forever! Luckily I was with my dad who had AAA and they arrived about 30 minutes later. Thanks Dad!

We celebrated my pops the next day with a delicious BBQ for Father's Day. Again we were blessed with beautiful weather and spent much of the day eating, drinking and playing in the baby pool. I am so excited one day to celebrate David when he becomes a dad. I love the relationship he has with my nephews and I can only begin to imagine what a great dad he will be!
My brother-in-law put together an amazing spread from the Farmers Market. So delicious!
Hanging out with my sister while missing my other sister who lives in Orange County.
It was another great weekend and my dad received loved from everyone. And next weekend we do it all over again for his birthday!!
Now I am wrapping up the evening watching Miss USA and goodness these girls are stunning! Miss Illinois had the best evening gown! Now I am really regretting that piece of cake!
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  1. It sounds like a great weekend...that cheese plate looks incredible!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! That dog with your dad is adorable! Ugh I hate watching the Miss USA pageant it's just as bad as the Victoria's Secret fashion show!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! We must to a Napa Trip one of these days!! XO

    1. Tash - YES! It is about time we get you and Ryan down here for a Napa adventure :)

  4. Friday was.... an... experience. At least we were able to redeem ourselves with quality family time for the rest of the weekend! The picture of Finn and your Dad is cute!

  5. Looks like a great weekend. I watched Miss USA while eating last night too and felt crappy about myself as I shoved cheese and crackers down my throat and told myself I would definitely look like that in a bikini by this time next year :) haha. i wish.