Sand & Surf Baby Boy Shared Room Inspiration

We just recently moved P's old crib into her room and while I am slowly trying to adjust to the fact that her and Dylan are sharing a room - she luckily is pretty excited about it. Eventually when he gets his own room I am going to be inspired by the sand and sea. We chose the name Dylan because it means "son of the sea" so it feels right his room be modeled that way!

Since I don't get to decorate a whole room I divided their space up and I am trying to mesh their decor together. If you recall I painted these a while back ago and I think this Max Wanger print would look awesome across from them. Definitely want to get that at some point this year.

I can't wait to fill the room with little trinkets just for him and share them along the way! Also how cool is that turtle?! It projects ocean water onto the ceiling which I can't figure out if that's amazing - or slightly scary. Ha!


  1. We have the turtle and it is amazing. Granted slightly distracting for her at bedtime. But we love to put it on after reading and before nursing :)

  2. Love this! You can incorporate mermaids for P!

  3. Love this! That chandelier and wall hanging are beautiful! xx