Life Lately

Since its been raining so much in these parts we've just been sitting back and enjoying the indoors. We even decided to break out P's kitchen (that I've held onto since last June!) finally for playtime. Also because rain for an entire week can equal two batty parents. These are just some snaps from the first couple of weeks of January.

It's obvious that P's room is the favorite and I am hoping this year to focus a little more on our bedroom. I can hardly call it a master (it's the same size as P's!) but it desperately needs some love. So onwards to my next project!


  1. She looks so big in these pictures! It's crazy how we blink and those sweet little babes are turning in real people with sassy personalities. The pictures of the two of you are so sweet, something to truly cherish!

  2. I love all of these photos Laura!! She is such a sweetheart and its totally making me want a girl! haha

  3. Love that P's room is the favorite! It has come together perfectly!