Loving Lately : White Lace

Can I get a hand raise for anyone who was watching The Bachelor on Monday with one part awe and two parts shock? While I think Ben is the best bachelor to join the franchise yet, (although Brad Womack is extra yum) Ben comes across as genuine, but saying "I Love You" to both girls? Ohhh Weeee! If I were Jojo I would have said "Hell no you can't walk me to the car!"

It was apparent to me everyone that Lauren was going to win. Especially when I saw her outfit for the final rose ceremony in Jamaica, because she was rocking that royal blue dress like it was made for her. But what I really loved was her After the Final Rose dress - and if you're anything like me - you were hitting up Google as soon as she sashayed out in this adorable embroidered mini.
Naturally I couldn't find it (but The Possessionista did!) so I found some pretty adorable (and way more affordable) alternatives. If you have an upcoming reason to wear white (with a sticky fingered 19 month old that answer is almost always a resounding no) these would be great picks!

Tavia Lace Midi Dress

Gianna Dress

Caspian Shift Dress
 Cupcakes and Cashmere Dress

So dish, who's your favorite bachelor?


  1. GREATEST picks, mama!!!! I loved that dress, too! Though I was team jojo!

  2. ohhh i love the cupcakes and cashmere dress!

  3. Her dress was stunning! They always have the best clothes on that show!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  4. These are amazing look alikes! Love that BCBG one!

  5. Oh of the best parts of the Bachelor is seeing all the awesome dresses they get to wear! I am loving the white lace, too!

  6. Love Lauren's dress she wore for After The Final Rose!! White lace is perfect this season!

  7. omg that dresssssss. was soooo in love with that! Looked perfect on her and she was rocking it so hard!!

  8. Definitely not a bachelorette watcher but am a huge fan of white lace outfits/dresses! very cute. The Caspian is my favorite

  9. You thought Ben was the best?! The best bachelor to me was Sean Lowe. I thought Ben was a jerk. Not dumping the single mom before her hometown, or even immediately after, but making her fly out to LA and leave her kids again just to dump her. Then, why did he feel the need to tell Caila he loved the other girls and not her?! And then telling 2 girls he loved them?! No one else has ever done it for a reason. See, you get me started on The Bachelor and it doesn't stop.

    I hated her dress, but l-o-v-e the ones you picked. I love lace, but not crochet and that's what hers looked like to me. I told my husband her dress reminded me of the doilys my mother in law keeps all over her house. The Gianna dress is amazing.