Birthday Wishes: Aging Edition

It wasn't until after I created the most boring birthday wish list that it hit me. I am getting older. I mean an external hard drive is on my most wanted list - snooze! I'll be ringing in 33 this Sunday and I am ready to have some time with my family. After two back to back weekends in wine country with girlfriends (no - I am not complaining) I am excited to exchange red wine for blue ocean water. Mama needs a detox.

I'll be requesting a drive up the coast (per usual) and hoping to stop at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and eat at my favorite Carmel restaurant, Casanova. I know P will just love the aquarium and the new sea otter that was recently born there is an added bonus. Only bummer is because of the aquarium that means leaving Finn at home - something we almost never do. But it looks like rain yet again so that makes me feel a little better about leaving him at home. These are real issues guys - I love my dog.

As a kid I can remember one year all I wanted was balloons. Now at almost 33 I can say the same about washi tape. If someone brought me a bunch of new washi tapes I would be pretty excited (read:old). I used to be all about my birthday but my other "birth day" is just so much more exciting. Plus I can't exactly throw myself a unicorn party in my 30s. So there you have it almost all of my current earthly desires - minus this. One day, one day...

And really if you could ask me what the number one item is on my list. It would be my daughter going to bed at 8pm. Not 9pm, 10pm or her latest PR of 1am. Good grief this 18 month sleep regression or whatever it is needs to end stat!


  1. Okay that romper is gorgeous!!!! Now if only I had somewhere to wear it...!

  2. All the heart eyes for those wedges!!! If only I wore something other than flats. Mom life is so boring on the wardrobe sometimes. Lol

  3. Ohhhhh that cake stand!! I need! And don't forget this is Janel not John :)

  4. I must be getting older too because everything on that wishlist is amazing! The cheese cutter is what's catching my eye most so what does that say about me haha!

    1. also - happy birthday in advance! and what is this Casanova you speak of?! Is it in Monterey? I'll be staying over there one night in October - is it a must visit?

  5. I must be old because I think this wishlist is amazing!! I am looking for some good neutral wedges. And give me all the washi tape. :) I hope you have the best birthday!!