The Little Things

Do you ever find yourself thinking about what if something happened to me? Would my spouse know to do the following things in my absence? It's just little things, but stuff that I always make sure to do.   Like would he know to always squirt all of the water out of the bath toys after every bath? Would he know I have a special air dry only custom button programmed for all her blankets? Would he remember to buy a special Christmas ornament every year for her?

And while all that is incredibly non big picture stuff it got me thinking about the big stuff. How you can have all these dreams and hopes for their future but truly they are the ones in charge of it. You simply lay the foundation and hope they build a solid house on top of it.

You hope they are strong but kind. Level headed but passionate. That their moral compass points somewhat due north. Graceful, generous and grateful...just to name a few.

It just got me thinking that raising her will be my greatest challenge with the largest reward. What a gift to be given.

What's a little something you always do that you that your spouse may not know about?


  1. Omg there are so many little things I do that my husband (and mom who sometimes babysits) don't know! I have been consciously trying to just let them do it differently but my son usually shows them how it "should be done" ;). The biggest things are with our routines and where things are put back... I'm a tad OCD and noah is picking up those tendencies!

  2. I've often thought this - and as wonderful and hands on as my hubs is... He would fall apart without EVERYTHING that I do! A few are: the lunch I pack for SJ, the vitamins I give both girls each morning, the ballet and moms classes, and even just matching outfits :)

  3. wow. SO many things. i feel like h and i agree on how to raise Vi but there are so many things i look forward to doing with violet as she grows up -- like watching christmas movies together, baking cookies, taking special trips to the theater and ballet together... gah i get choked up just thinking about not being around for her in the future.

  4. Yes, exactly this! In the past 16 months I've solely been the one doing certain things and I do wonder if that's a mistake. I clip her little nails. I do all of her meal planning, always incorporating a fruit and vegetable. I buy consignment clothes inexpensively for the season ahead. I upload videos of her to our private YouTube channel. I know how to make sure all of the bubbles are out of her hair at bath time.

  5. Oh I just love this! It is all those little things that can make a big impact. And they are all the things I know I will miss when my kids are grown.