Life Lately

I'm dreaming of fall over here and the weather is just not cooperating. With a whopping triple digit week, nothing says September like 104...said no one ever. We just came back from a short trip to Lake Tahoe again and I have to say I am pretty happy to be going nowhere this weekend.

No pack and play to set up. No bags to pack. No screaming in a car seat.'s like a Labor Day do over in my mind. I mean for a mamarazzi I only whipped out the camera on one day for an hour with a new lens. That right there says it all.
I'm taking today off to run some errands which include an eye doctor and wellness vet check for Finn. Can't say I'm too bummed about spending the day with my girl. Is it sad that I am excited to go to Target during the day with her?

P just got her first round of the MMR vaccination at her one year check up and we noticed she has swollen lymph nodes near her groin - anyone else experience that? It seems fairly common but of course I called into our pediatrician to make sure. We all managed to come home from Lake Tahoe with a cold so that's not helping our situation much either!

One really sweet thing from our trip was we came home late on Monday night and forgot to put the trash out for Tuesday pickup. Our trash guy is always looking out for us and he always empties our bin when he sees we forget. I want to do something nice for him like and leave it a top our can next week. Maybe some lotto tickets or something fun - but here is the catch. How do I make sure he sees it and doesn't throw it away?! Suggestions welcome.

Hope you all had a wonderful labor free holiday and cheers to a short work week!


  1. Aw I hope P is feeling better after her vaccination! Definitely not looking forward to those ones! That photo is amazing by the way! Enjoy your day off pretty mama :)

  2. I am so over the heat too lady! I would be miserable in 104...I've been complaining about 89 here. I can't wait for fall!! Hope P is feeling better and Finn's check up went well :) What a nice idea for the garbage man...maybe a brightly colored envelope taped to the top of the can? That's a tricky one!

    xx Em
    beauty blether

  3. Aww you have the sweetest trash man! I would leave a big sign on your trash can with the gift! He will probably stop to read it!

  4. I know the feeling about packing. Packing with a baby is a whole ordeal. Glad to hear you can finally get some rest!

  5. It's so nice of you to leave a little something sweet for your trash guy! I always leave something for our mailman around Christmas time. Maybe add a bright sign to the gift saying it's for him??

  6. We;ve been having lovely fall weather here! The leaves are changing already... You'll laugh at us when it's snowing in October ;)