Life Lately

With the sun setting earlier and earlier these days it's hard not to feel like the days are getting shorter. The air is crisper, the holiday catalogues are beginning to fill mailboxes and everyone everywhere seems to be prepping for the upcoming months.

We have one last trip coming up to attend a wedding in Southern California and then we are visiting my sister and taking P to Disneyland. I cannot wait to see it all over again through her eyes. Heck even David's eyes since he hasn't been in over 12 years!

Other than that I have been keeping so busy with my photography and I am booked out for the rest of the year (which I work full time so I guess it's not that hard to do!). I can't believe this hobby of mine has turned into so much more. Each and every new client feels like the first one (with a lot more confidence!) and it fills me with a tremendous amount of gratitude!

Hope everyone is surviving the week - we're halfway there!