Loving Lately: Disney Edition

With our countdown to Disneyland in full effect I am getting so so excited. I wish I could skip the 6 hour drive but alas I cannot - which means I also won't be skipping the Pottery Barn outlet on the way home! Here are some adorable Mickey inspired apparel if you're planning your own trip (or just have a Disney obsessed kid!)

David has not been to Disneyland in over 15 years so I am excited to see him experience it again too. Although he thinks that is weird of me and doesn't see the big deal about it! Also those Mickey & Minnie kissing shoes (aka the only shoes P ever wants to wear!) are being priced matched today at Nordstom and are 30% off! So snag them today as I never see this style on sale!



  1. Cutest little Disney roundup! The mini minnie ears are a must!

  2. So, there goes all my money. I've been on the hunt for cute Mouse stuff for Julia. And, I hope you snagged that ZoZu bow!

  3. i'm glad you posted this. . . now i know what to make the girls wear so they can twin with p.

  4. 6 hours.... yeesh! Good luck. It will be the best trip ever and I can't wait to see P rocking all her Disney gear.


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