Cheers to a New Year: April, May & June

Hope you can join us today for our
Cheers to a New Year
link up party!
Today we are reflecting back on April, May & June of this year.
This year David and I were pretty spoiled because we got to go to Maui two times 3.5 weeks apart for friends and family getting married.
In April we returned for David's brother's wedding. The weather was amazing and we had such a wonderful time. Also didn't make it feel so hard to say goodbye when we had to leave the first time around!
April 2013
The newest Parker's!
May 2013
In May I pulled off a pretty epic prank on Kerri - because she was the first person to pass out!
Post It's have so many uses.
I also started this little blog of mine! This was my very first post!
June 2013
We finally found a great dresser to refinish on Craigslist! This is one of my most viewed posts to date.
What were you doing in the months leading up to summer? Hope you join us!
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  1. I wish I could go to Hawaii twice in one year AND that close together!!
    And that post-it prank?? One of the best ones that I've ever seen. That's freaking hilarious!

  2. Look at you and that restoration! LOVE IT! And Hawaii?! Uh..jealous!
    Stopping in from the Link-Up! SO glad you're hosting this fun party!
    Happy Thursday, Doll!

  3. Ahh I love hawaii! I have been to the big island, but a trip to Maui is in our near future! Love your fixer-upper too!

  4. can we talk about how impressed i am with that dresser?!

  5. I'm LOVING that dresser DIY, when we did ours my husband wanted a look very similar with the wood top but we ended up doing it fully blue with gold handles.

    Indulgera Blog

  6. Such good memories! :) And yes, here's to a whole new year!

  7. Maui twice?! Lucky! And that prank...pretty hilarious

  8. That wedding looks beautiful! Love the colors!

  9. Such a good idea for a link up! When are you hosting the next edition? I may have to join! So jealous of your TWO trips to Maui! We spent a week there for our honeymoon in August and it was amazing. Your husband and his brother look SO much alike! And that post-it prank was seriously awesome. I'm going to have to steal that one!

  10. love your mint maxi and necklace! Where are they from?? Your dresser makeover is amazing - no wonder it was viewed a lot!

  11. May was epic for that prank and night alone!!! SO.MUCH.FUN. From what I remember...

  12. I love your dress, it's beautiful! I know I'm reading back through your blog like a creeper (a totally normal person).