Maternity Photos in the Oakland Redwoods

When we found out we were expecting with P I never had maternity photos done and to be honest I never really missed the fact that I didn't do them. But there is something about this pregnancy that feels different and I think that is because I know it is my last. I want to embrace all the things about it (and try and grin and bare the crappy parts of it). So at 34 weeks pregnant we booked a session.

I am so happy I decided to do them. I started the day by getting a blowout at our Drybar that just opened in town (best decision of the day), I prepped P with a big talk about how the photos were important to mama and to be on her best behavior (she totally was) and I rented my dream maternity dress ("The Wonder Years" in blush by Fillyboo Maternity) from Mama Bump Rentals. Even David - who normally despises a photoshoot was awesome. Despite all the nose nuzzling he was made to do.

My friend Aliza of Aliza Hallett Photography took our photos and made everything so easy (and she is 28 weeks along with her third!). It was such a fun memory and now I have so many beautiful images to look back on such a special time in my life!

And ZERO of this post is sponsored just in case anyone is wondering :)

My outfit
Dress : "The Wonder Years" by Fillyboo Maternity
Buy it here or Rent it here

Presley's Outfit
Hi/Low Skirt (coming soon!) 
Sweater (sold out)
Bow - Wunderkin Beach Pink Pinwheel

David's Outfit


  1. Just gorgeous! And I love that Finn popped up in a couple pictures too :)

  2. Parks! These are perfect and beyond gorgeous!

  3. WOW! WOW! WOW!! These are simply beautiful my friend - such a gorgeous pregnant fairy. So excited for you all x

  4. Absolutely stunning! I love the whimsical & woodsy feeling to these! You look gorgeous friend!

  5. You are radiant!!! That dress is absolutely gorgeous!

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  7. The photos are gorgeous! If you don’t mind me asking what size was your dress?

  8. Hi! Beautiful pictures. I know this post is from a while ago, but what size was your dress? I'm thinking of renting it for my maternity pictures. Thanks!