Manly Man Gift Guide

If you have a significant other like mine, it's not always easy to guess what they may be asking for for Christmas. While I know any sort of flashlight remains high on his list - there are only so many flashlights I can buy ya know? So here is a gift guide for those manly men in your life (quite the polar opposite of my toddler girly girl gift guide!) When in doubt a new magazine subscription about something they love is always an awesome gift idea!


  1. That blue tooth head lamp sounds awesome! You should also get P a little head lamp for her stocking. My boys love theirs. For camping or night hikes!

  2. I love this! All these items are perfect for my boyfriend!

  3. guys are so tough to shop for, but i know my husband would like that zip-up! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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