Toddler Wish List + awesome Cyber Monday deal!

When it comes to picking out presents for P it's actually fairly easy. She is a girl to a T (she throws a legit tantrum when you dress her in anything that is not considered a "princess dress") If it sparkles, lights up or twirls - she will most likely want it. So if you have a two year old girly girl you are going shopping for I hope you can draw some gift inspiration here!

I also feel the need to tell you about this amazing Cyber Monday deal that should not be ignored!

Pottery Barn Kids Play Vanity (yes I totally just snagged this for P!) Call into your store and purchase it to skip over $40 in shipping fees!
Okay I am officially shopped out - too bad I am still not done!


  1. The vanity! P is going to love it. All this has me dreaming of baby girls!

  2. We bought emerson MAGFORMERS too and she loves the PRINCESS HIKING BOOK!

  3. You just gave me some great ideas for my nieces! Love that vanity!

  4. I got that camera for my daughter last Christmas (when she was 3) and she still plays with it practically every day. The quality isn't great, but my husband and I love flipping through the pictures to see what she snapped.

  5. Those colors- pink and gold forever!! I always miss out on Alice and Ames sizes :(


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