Five Years

This past weekend the hubs and I celebrated five years of marriage. Can't hardly believe its been five years as time has flown - especially when adding a wild haired toddler into the mix. We cruised to Half Moon Bay for the day and checked many things off the bucket list. Which included Shark Fin Cove in Davenport - which I will say was pretty cool. But slightly treacherous with a three year old (and those damn no dog signs) so we viewed it from the top and called it complete.

From there we ventured to a beach with a secret access point we remembered from a time we went before becoming parents. The route was a little errr sketchy at some points but we made it out there. It's a great beach for kids since the ocean breaks nicely on the shore. P had an absolute BLAST. That is until Finn knocked her over and mama had left all her spare clothes in the car. Whoops!

After we left the beach with our small human wrapped in a towel in a hiking pack. We headed back to the car in search of a pumpkin patch. Half Moon Bay is pretty well known for their pumpkin patches so we knew we were bound to stumble upon some gems. We decided to pull into Arata Pumpkin Farms when we saw it off the side of the road. It was giant, filled to the brim with activities and almost a little too overwhelming. That and the fact the sun was still too high in the sky for my liking - but we hopped on in and had some fun.

We were preparing to head back home after a very full day and then there it was.  A "pick them where they grow" pumpkin patch. And I was like HOLD UP - there is no way we are driving past this place. We have zero places like this where I live and I am always so jealous when I see photos in fields like this. Bonus - you could see the ocean. So I really couldn't have picked a better way to end the day. Plus it was an hour before sunset - only the best time to take photos. Me = winning.

It was the perfect way to celebrate five years of marriage together and has now given us a new yearly tradition. I can hardly believe there will be another mini Parker in tow this time next year! 


  1. Happy 5 years! Definitely a milestone worth celebrating! Xoxo

  2. Happy Anniversary gorgeous friend - and what an awesome way to celebrate!
    These photos are so gorgeous x

  3. That is seriously an amazing pumpkin patch! I'm so snobby about them and insist upon a pick from the vine situation. These photos are amazing! Oh, and happy anniversary!

  4. Happy five years! Time flies!! And I love that picture of P laying on the pumpkin - laughed out loud! ;)

  5. Good post, love this sharing so much, thank you!

  6. Happy anniversary! Such an adorable family you have!!