Cyber Monday (Kids Version)

I am not big on Black Friday and for good reason - Cyber Monday. Why on earth wait in long lines when you can shop from the comfort of your own home in pajamas? I've rounded up some items that are worth snagging tomorrow in case Santa needs some assistance in the gifting department for the little ones.

We got the kitty ones for P when they were 40% off but now they are an even better deal! I am loving all the different animal faces too! I always opt for ship to store because I find Hanna shipping can be higher than most stores. These PJ's hold up really well and also hold their resell value.

When it comes to clothing I am often reaching for more neutral items and with the thought that this baby has a 50% chance of being a boy I find myself looking at the boy clothes with a harsher eye. These would def make it into my shopping cart if we knew the gender!

These are great versatile tops especially for preschool. Cute but functional always wins in my book.
Umm can I get this in my size? So freaking cute!

Velvet is having its moment and I definitely swooped these up for little P! I immediately pictured them with these leggings and this sweatshirt!
This is one of our big gifts from Santa and I wish I saw they were carrying it at Costco! I paid $70 for just the doll! Oye!

Tell me - did you snag anything good?!

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  1. She is going to love the Bitty Baby!!! And those undies are so stinking adorable!