Let Me Take the Picture

Here is the thing about photographs. They stand to serve as a memory. A moment in time forever still in a frame. While it is so true that mother's need to be in the frame more it's also wildly true about fathers. Those all too important men filling a very real role in raising these tiny humans.

As a photographer, I get it more than most that the majority of men aren't keen on photographs. I see it when a husband grimaces during a family shoot and I remember it when my husband was whispering "I'm so ****ing hungry" into my ear during our engagement shoot. I get it, truly I do. But hear me out.

Let us take the picture. Let us tote our heavy camera around, chasing light while you chase our children. Let us grab it when we see a moment that is so special we want to keep its memory close by. It's so much more than a picture. It's your laugh lines, your strong hands. It's the way our children's little legs rest against your ever trusting shoulders. Their love so abundant you can see it beaming out of their tiny smiles. Their face like your face.

Let us hire professionals so we can look back on these days alongside our growing family. In what will feel like the blink of an eye. Our children will grow and we will yearn for the days of long summer nights in the backyard, adventure walks & even the mundane day to day. We will look back on these memories, hung on walls, saved in our phone, resting in frames. Our beautiful family.

I want to take these photographs to remember you. Just as you are in this moment.

Let me take the picture.


  1. I truly loved this so much when I read it on IG. Hand to Jesus, I snap shot it so I can show Scott. You said it perfectly.

  2. This was all so beautifully said! My dad was the photographer in our house growing up, so he is hardly in any of the photos! Conor & I try to have a good balance... meaning I take all. the. photos. and the shove the camera in his hand to do the same!

    1. I feel you mama! My problem is that I have a certain way I want the photo in my mind and my husband doesn't have my mind! haha

  3. So well said!!! I need to think about this more!

  4. YES YES YES!!!! My husband complained about pics from the second our engagement shoot was booked but since then, after seeing the most amazing photos and visual memories that come from these shoots, he is more than happy to go through the chaos of a family/newborn/party shoot! x

  5. Amen! My husband is the EXACT same way... "ughhh do we have to take ANOTHER picture?" Yes we do because I want to remember our baby at every stage. And have photo albums to look back on in 18 years when she leaves for college!