Loving Lately: Toddler Girl OOTD

Sometimes I think the internet is plotting against me to see how much money I can dole out and how fast. Prime Day, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (starts tomorrow!) and who knows what else is about to tempt me to burn holes in my pockets. I've been naughty but have made purchases that P actually needs (okay, okay and some that she doesn't) but with her upcoming birthday and her feet growing faster than I can keep up with I have to stock up while things are on sale! So here are some things I am loving toddler status.

Peek Carnival Dress - a tip about Peek their clothes always, always, ALWAYS go on sale (usually 40-50% marked down) don't be a fool and pay full price. Just add it to your wish list and keep checking back on it.

Floral crop top

United Foods of America Tank

Splendid Floral Two Piece

Native Shoes
Checkered Romper


  1. Good tip about Peek! And I full support your shopping ways!

  2. I second supporting your shopping habit! I'm having a tough time staying away from the Indie shops... Oops.
    And, awesome tip about Peek!

  3. That carnival dress is precious!! My wallet has been taking a hit lately too! :)