We all (hopefully) have friends we couldn't imagine living without.
The friends who always have encouraging words
the ability to make you laugh
knowing when to just listen.

The kind of friends you can tell your dreams to
confide your secrets in and wish you had known each other all your life. 

The friend's who's successes have felt like your own
and allowed you to celebrate with them as if it truly was. 
The friend who has the first baby and you collectively become aunties
who in turn will become a go to when you (one day) become a new mama.

 And with all the wonderful components of great friendships
comes the duty of being as great a friend back through good and bad.

When they hurt, you protect
When they cry, you bring wine
When they need an ear, you listen
When they need a shoulder, you lean in
When one friend hurts, you hurt as a whole.

So just taking a moment to say I love these girls, my heart sisters
 We're pretty unbreakable.


  1. So sweet! I don't know what I woul do without my girlfriends

  2. What a sweet post! Gf's are the best!

  3. Love my girlfriends, just wish we lived closer to one another!

  4. xoxo tonight cannot come soon enough!!! #heartsisters

  5. These types of girlfriends are the absolute best.
    You guys are all so beautiful! Can we go back in time so I can be a guest at your unbelievably gorgeous wedding?? Okay, thanks :)

  6. Such a sweet post. And oh so true! :)

  7. love this post!


  8. Love this post. I have "those girls" too and they mean the world to me. :)

  9. Aww! What a sweet post :) I feel the same way about my small group of closest girlfriends - we are basically family. It's so important to have good friends like that in your life!! :))

  10. Love this post! The last picture is gorgeous!