Merino Kids Sleep Sack Review

One of the things I found out pretty quickly as a new mom was that sleep sacks are a must. Swaddling sleep sacks for when they are newborns and just plain old sleep sacks for when they are bigger. (When a baby can start rolling over that is when you stop swaddling). One of the last things you want to be worrying about is your child suffocating in blankets. Which is why sleep sacks are a must.

So when Merino Kids contacted me to give a review of their sleep sacks I was pretty excited. I was sent a winter weight sleep sack in size 0-24 months in the color mint/banbury. Right away I was immediately impressed with the quality. Sometimes when I think of wool I think of being itchy, but this sleep sack is anything but! It's such a nice weight too which is great for those colder nights.
A quick visit to their website says the following:

  • World's best and #1 top-selling merino sleep sack in the USA and worldwide. Others can't beat Merino Kids' patented iF award-winning design, premium fabric and superior workmanship.
  • For parents who want the very best. Crafted by master tailors from luxuriously soft Superfine Merino wool. 100% natural, itch-free and allergy-safe. Organic cotton outer layer for extra durability.
  • Textile scientists recommend the Merino Kids sleep sack. Baby doesn't wake up cold or overheat. Naturally absorbs and releases moisture to create the perfect safe micro-climate in any season for rooms 64°F to 80°F.
  • First sleep sack in the world to achieve the stringent UK BSI standard for baby sleep sack safety, and the only merino sleep sack certified to this safety standard. Baby has freedom to move yet can't slip underneath or wriggle out.
  • Fits babies 0-2 years safely and comfortably. Innovative safety belt aperture makes it easy to transfer sleeping baby between car seat, stroller and nursery to maintain sleep routine.
Some of the things I really like about the sleep sack is the bottom zipper. Making those nighttime diaper changes a lot easier. It also has button closures in the arms to grow with baby. There is an insert for a seat belt which is brilliant. I hate having to unswaddle Presley when she is asleep to put her into the car seat.
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*I received my sleep sack complimentary of Merino Kids for review but all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. ohh nice! i love the pattern on this sleep sack...i should get a few before the baby arrives! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Oh, they sound great. I agree with Jillian I should pick up a few before the baby comes.

  3. I guess this is my extra kick in the butt to get one! Thanks!

  4. They sound awesome! I'm definitely pinning this so I don't forget about it!