Grab On

I never really thought about the passing of time. It was always something in retrospect. I can fondly recall so many awesome periods in my life. College anyone? Yet this year has been on warp speed.

Watching a little human grow right before my eyes is magical. I've watched her grow from a grunting newborn, to tummy time expert to almost toddler. 

It's been a year. Honestly not one of my favorites. Along with the good often comes the not so good (how else would we appreciate the good)? It's been a tough year. From struggling to return to the office (and still struggling) to David's recent injury I'm not sure I'll recall 2015 as a favorite. 

I have so much on my plate these days I would be lying if at times I didn't feel completely overwhelmed. Trying to give 100% of yourself with all the hats you wear is, well, impossible. 

So I'm taking this year back. It's only June we can spin this bad boy around! Sometimes you just have to recognize things like 

It's okay to say no. 

I realize that things that get me in a funk these days (long commute, being sick, injured husband) won't last forever. So it's important to remember in the grand scheme of things most of it doesn't even matter an hour from now, a week from now a year from now. 

So while this is more for me I hope you found some words of encouragement in case you needed it. 

Just remember every day you wake up is a good one. Even if some of the days all you're doing is tying a knot and hanging on.
Now excuse me I'm off to hug my dog. 


  1. The rapid pace at which time flies is so alarming....and I can't even stand to think about it when you have a precious baby growing in front of your arms, but it sounds like you know the key is to just slow down and enjoy. Xo

  2. Hope David is recovering well...the first year of a baby is nuts! So many emotions, hormones, changes, challenges and rewards. It just keeps getting better though!

  3. aw this is sweet -- and a good reminder that it's OKAY to have some bad days but it's important to focus on the GOOD ones :) enjoy those good days! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. We all need these words of encouragement girly. And it is ok to say some of those things. Cause its actually healthy to recognize when you need to. ;) But I gotta say, this picture of P sums it up pretty well haha.

  5. The first year goes by so fast and is so full of emotion and while you will miss those baby days having a toddler is!! Hang in there girl and I love your positive attitude to turn 2015 around!

  6. Dog hugs are the best for when thing get crazy. Hang in there, girl!

  7. Sending you the biggest hugs sweet friend - I feel you with these fast and crazy days - and years we will never get back! Some days are super tough... Sending love and prayers your way x

  8. Ah, some years are just NOT the best, but I love your attitude about turning it around! Hugs!