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As a working mom sometimes it seems there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything I need to. Laundry piles high, household chores get neglected and goodness don't even mention the word dinner. Don't even get me started on how that is an everyday dilemma.

After I come home and unwind P and I go through her nightly routine. Eat dinner, take a bath, read a book, nurse and if all goes according to plan bed. On those nights when she complies I find myself quietly shutting her door, plopping on the couch, turning on her monitor and reaching for the remote.

Not just any remote.

The new
X1 voice remote from
Ladies (and gents) this remote is pretty awesome. My indentation on our couch just got a whole lot deeper. It's so simple to use and makes searching through the guide a breeze. I love to use it to find things I know will be on TV that I want to record in advance. And yes at 32, I still queued up Teen Mom 2. #noshame

With the X1 voice remote you can find what you want fast. You can use your voice to change channels, find shows, get recommendations and more.

Saying "Bubble Guppies" and seeing it pop right up is a lifesaver mid meltdown. It literally pulls it up in seconds. Sure the theme song gets stuck in your head all day but a non-crying baby is worth it.

It also has some other neat features. Like when I reach for it in the dark and whisper "Paul Walker" not only does it light up with the touch of my hand but it pulls up anything Paul has been in that is available on XFINITY. I could watch Into the Blue on mute...just sayin'

As a busy mom I am all about finding things to help simplify daily activities. I mean isn't that the true intention of why yoga pants were invented? So moms could move faster to accomplish more in a day?

If you need me I'll be in my yoga pants, remote in hand, drooling over Paul Walker.

Well done XFINITY.

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  1. LOVE the video - and love your accent :)
    One of our brands of TV's has a similar remote - it's awesome! x

  2. Your so cute :) How awesome is this remote!??! Genius!