Birthday Wishes

This Friday kicks off my birthday weekend, especially since I am taking Monday off work to enjoy my actual birthday, the 20th. It was hard to put together a wish list because everything I want is usually always for P! Her playhouse, new dresses - kid has everything! Mama is really starting to look sloppy next to her!

While some items on this wish list are totally splurge items please know that I would be happiest on my birthday with my family, camera and an ocean. I think I ask for this same thing year after year and it really is my most favorite gift. Plop me next to an ocean anywhere in this world and I feel whole.

So here is to another 365 days around the sun. 34 be good to me <3


  1. happy birthday weekend! :) have fun!! also loving this list - i just pinned the two books! xoxo jillian

  2. I love that bag!! Hope you have a great birthday weekend and your loves spoil you rotten!

  3. Happy, happy birthday!!! Hope you have the best weekend!

  4. Yay for birthdays!!! Love this wish list x


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