Loving Lately

Whoopsie! Took an unintentional little break from this space. Client sessions are rolling full steam ahead and this poor little blog always gets the shaft when I am super busy. I plan on doing a full playhouse post this week once I remember to photograph the inside of it at the right time of day. I love the way it turned out so much and I think David is just so glad that I am done decorating it. What can I say? I like all the things!

I had mentioned that we recently sold our old patio set (good riddance!) and it has opened up our yard so much. I am looking forward to picking out some new budget friendly furniture for those upcoming warm summer nights. David has been tasked with making a propane fire table - that's my description of it - and I am excited to see when he comes up with.

Other than that we have been just hanging around enjoying our ever changing weather. One moment it feels on the verge of summer and the next thing you know it's pouring rain! P doesn't seem to mind much either way. We have a really fun photoshoot coming up this weekend that I am really excited about and can't wait to share them with you all here. Time for me to get a little pampered!

Since I have been out of the loop for a while here are some things I am loving lately for myself, P and even the hubby!

I discovered Stance socks when I was prepping for our Tahoe trip and they are so amazing. Loving these ones for P!

Stance Liberty Socks
H&M Embroidered Dress - I am slightly obsessed with this one and want to buy it just to be able to loan out to clients! It's so fun and different I just wish the price point was a little lower.

Whitney Print Top
Trapeze Dress
 Men's Graphic Tee (Have this one on my wishlist waiting for a sale!)
Family Pop-Up Shade - would love to have this for all our beach/park outings!
 Marisol Pillow - want!
Ora off the shoulder top

Louvre top - I love bell sleeves but especially in photographs. This would be a great top for a new mother doing newborn photos!
Sunbathe top - umm obsessed!
Privacy Please Fillmore Dress - great for a wedding!

Gah so many cute summer clothes my closet is in need of an overhaul!


  1. Love that H&M dress - it would be beautiful for photo sessions! xx

  2. Ooh that last dress is speaking to me! We have some Ikea patio furniture, and I actually really love it! Accessorize with crate & barrel and bam! perfect outdoor space.

  3. that pop up tent looks awesome! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. This is pretty unrelated to your post BUT are you planning on writing a post about your process for editing some of your pics? You take such gorgeous photos and I don't remember seeing you write a post about how you edit them! And random question #2: do you have a favorite place to buy tights for P? I need toddler tights for Clara and have been unimpressed with most of the selection! Or better yet, knee high socks for her! Have you seen any that you love?

    Sorry to be the queen of random questions today.. you mentioned socks and photos and my mind started spinning. I've clearly already had coffee this morning ;-)

  5. The Whitney print top has me sold ;)
    I cant wait to see what David comes up with for your propane firetable.