Life Lately

I can't believe just how quickly this year is going. Somehow between January and now I have managed to enroll my baby into preschool and started booking fall client sessions...for the holidays. Whaaaaat? The year is simply flying and watching this feisty, stubborn little brunette grow right up along with it is crazy.

I'm suddenly thinking about teaching her how to ride a bike and watching her have real conversations. I mean wasn't it just nearly yesterday I cried through those first raw days of motherhood? I remember thinking that all those moments seemed like they would never end. I was so so tired, in pain and madly in love. I would hum her our wedding song as she fell asleep in my arms.

These days I get the boot out of her bed. She plays on her own giving her princess characters different personalities. We find her giggling to herself and simultaneously giving her self acclimations in the mirror. Her hair gets bigger by the day, right in stride with her personality.

Time you crazy beast!

I'm going to try and be more present around these parts cause ya know - I miss it!



  1. This makes me so excited for all the different stages! However I'm still soaking up those baby snuggles but man I cannot wait for her to be walking, talking, etc :)

  2. Does P have a balance bike? I cannot say enough good things about them! Liam switched to a pedal bike when he turned four, but probably could have sooner.

  3. Abigail just learned to ride her bike this week. And I was all misty over it. SUCH a big kid thing! Gah!

  4. SO SO crazy how time flies!!! Trying our best to savor these moments x