Family Room Refresh

I am so excited to say that our family room update has been completed. When I first found out we were expecting I was on a mission to nest into the family room (having no nursery will do that to you!) and I am so pleased with how everything turned out. The space feels new and updated yet so cozy. I tried to incorporate various textures and patterns but still stuck with a relatively neutral pallet. Almost everything in the room is either new, crafted by David or an item that got repurposed from another place in the house. I've done my best to list all sources below but feel free to ask any questions if you have them!

A couple mentions about the space. We love our new couch and it broke in rather fast. My only grimace is that I chose a twill fabric and Finn's hair magnetizes to it. Is is a "performance" fabric which means spills are supposed to bead on it rather than absorb (which we have already proven true ha!) but in hindsight I may have gone with a microfiber instead. In regards to the carpets - I wasn't planning to layer such a large carpet over the initial one I purchased. However (again Finn!) Finn likes to "dig" at the carpet when he is super happy. It's weird we think it's his way of nesting. Well he was quickly ruining the new looped carpet so I was super happy to find this affordable shag rug to layer on top. It's super cozy under our feet and I love the focus it puts on the room.

Some items we kept in the space is first and foremost the large white buffet table. I love this table and it was a cheap find on Craigslist that David redid. It literally hides ALL of P's toys and for that my OCD heart is happy. The whole cabinet is hers and that allows the whole family room to be ours. Win/win.

Like I said I am so happy with how the space turned out. Just in time for baby. Today marks 39 weeks and now I can say - we're ready for you little one!!

Wall Shelf - DIY David
Coffee Table - DIY David
Decorative Heater Screen - Antique Store Find
Round Rattan Basket (under coffee table) - Serena & Lily Outlet
Velvet Pillows - (color seafoam no longer available) | Similar
Pom Pillow - Target (no longer available)
Magnolia lumber bar pillow - Serena & Lily Outlet
Indigo Fringe Pillow - Cost Plus (no longer available)
Belly Basket - Serena & Lily Outlet
Buffet Table - Hides ALL of Presley's toys, Craigslist find and DIY David


  1. This looks amazing!! The coffee table turned out so great - and I love the little corner with the shelves. So cute! xx

  2. What a pretty, bright space! I love it!

  3. What a beautiful space - how I wish I could pop in, curl up in this cosy space and then cuddle your precious babe on the way x

  4. So pretty! Where are the frames (and what size are they?) above your couch?