You Matter

I have to admit that this waiting game is hard. Not knowing when little miss is going to decide to make an appearance into this world makes for one impatient me. The fact that once she is here...she is here forever and my life will never be the same is also a crazy thought. That I will never again be truly carefree and will always have a little to worry about is surreal.

Is it weird that since I am soon to be a mom I think about people in terms of babies? Like the tragic passing of Robin Williams, I think "he was someone's baby". It just goes to show that no matter how people make it appear on the outside we all are fighting our own battles.

If you or someone you know is battling with depression there are people that can help you.

or you can go online to

You matter.

RIP Robin Williams


  1. I remember the waiting game. I always thought "this could be the last time I do ____ by myself, or the last time we go here without a baby carriage"

    So sad about Robin Williams. He was such a great actor and so funny.

  2. The waiting game was brutal for us too. We did a lot of cooking, baking and eating. UGH. Sad about Robin Williams, I know it's even bigger news there in the Bay area since that's where he called home. A friend of a friend use to see him at AA in the city all the time.
    I guess he was even at a meeting a month or so ago.

  3. Such a sad loss with Robin Williams!! And yes so weird to think that everyone in the world is someone's baby - no matter their age!!

  4. The waiting game is rough stuff - I never thought I was going to be that crazy those last few weeks!!!! I promise it will be worth it! And that is so, so sad about Robin Williams.

  5. Being a mom definitely gives you a new and greater/deeper perspective of life. And I know what you mean about the anxiety. I had to be induced out of emergency and the only good thing about that was that it took away any anxiety I had about when she would come! .. But I can certainly sympathize with you.

  6. Depression runs in my family and has sadly affected several members terribly. Yes - we all matter. Love this message. :)

  7. I agree, I hate to think of anyone feeling so bad that they resort to taking their life. Stay positive mama, your baby girl will be here soon and she'll get SO much love!