Heart Eyed Emoji

I love love. The concept, the dream, the unimaginable, the magic. It can all be so fun (until it's not!) So for all the loves in your life how do you celebrate Valentine's Day? We don't do it up too big in our house. Usually David cooks his most amazing lasagna and I invite my bestie over to share it with us! We love her too so may as well feed her! This year with the addition of my newest Valentine I am pretty excited. Holidays are so much more fun with a little love!

This is a little gift guide starting at $20 (yes that Kate Spade dish is only $20!) No matter how you spend your day, gifts or no gifts, make sure it's with someone special. If that someone special is covered in fur with a tail...even better. The doormat in my gift guide is a reminder. You buy a doormat, you don't let a guy treat you like one!

I plan on spending the day before Valentine's with Christian Grey...anyone else joining me on that date?
(PS weird side note: I once heard you spell the color grAy if you live in America and grEy if you live in England? I have no idea to the validity of that. But let's run with it.)


  1. i love that heart romper!! so cute. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. THOSE SHOES!! I wish my child was walking so I could buy them

  3. Swooning over those earrings & necklace! I may need to buy myself a little something something...

  4. That little jumper is seriously the sweetest thing!! How cute!


  5. Definitely going to buy those baby items for my niece, so cute!
    And the rest of the stuff will be bought for myself ;)

  6. I saw that welcome mat at Target and have been thinking about it ever since... Maybe this is a sign to finally go pick it up!! ;)

  7. Grey is the correct spelling up in here Canada :)
    super sweet romper, wish they made it in my size :)
    aka LostBumblebee

  8. What a cute list - and grey is the correct spelling in South Africa too! I am a hopeless romantic so I love spoiling and being spoilt for Valentine's Day x

  9. Yes! Yes! Yes! I am definitely spending Valentine's Day with Mr. Grey as well. Well...me and several of my friends. LOL


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