4 things I'm thanking my parents for

The saying really is true that more often than not life becomes full circle. I am very much aware that I had it really good as a child. I always had a roof over my head, more than enough food on the table and access to education in addition to a myriad of other things. Although I may not have realized it back then here are four things I am thanking my parents for now.

1. Giving me a curfew

Honestly my 17 year old self is kicking me for typing this but it's true. I was so mad that I had a curfew when a lot of my friends did not. I had to come home at 11pm in high school and the first summer home from college it was midnight (which the curfew in college was so lame but I digress). Thank you for making me walk my butt into our house every evening because the truth is nothing good happens after midnight  - something P will also be learning!

2. My own bedroom

I was born 9.5 years after my oldest sister and 6 years after my middle sister, making me the baby by quite a bit. I am so grateful that my parents had the means to provide us with our own space. I may have liked to share the clothes in my sisters closets but we never had to share bedrooms. I really hope that I can give my children the same luxury.

3. Letting us have a pet

We didn't get a pet until I was about 10 years old (all in part to my sister bringing her home) but I was overjoyed my parents let us keep her. Shelby was my confidant, my companion, and so many of my memories from childhood involve her.

4. My sisters

I only want two children, but part of me thinks I may attempt a third if my next child is not a girl. The reason is because I cannot imagine P growing up without a sister.  The bond of sisters is really special and irreplacable. Sure it took us years to get here but knowing I get to have them my whole life is immeasurable.
Love you, Mean it!

What is something you would say thank you for to your parents?

(Psst....go tell them!)


  1. What a great post! Such perspective

  2. Such special lessons - I also so grateful for my curfew but devastated I never had a sibling!

  3. Such a sweet post. When we get older and experience parenthood you appreciate all that your parents did... I'm so thankful for being brought up the way I was too.

  4. I'm also grateful for my siblings, I'm the only girl of two older brothers. I never wished for a sister... I really liked being the only girl and was kind of a tom boy growing up. But I see the bond my sister-in-laws have and kind of wish I had that, although I am close with them, I don't think it's ever the same bond you have if you grew up together as sisters!

  5. So sweet. So your sister was about 20 when she brought home your furry friend? My sister probably feels the same way I'm ten years older than her and my mom wouldn't let us have pets in our current home but my dog did live there for a year and half with me :) and now they watch him when we have busy weekends or go out of town. So she kinda has a pet

  6. Love this post! I'm so grateful my parents didn't always give me everything I wanted. I don't buy Cam something whenever we go to target. If he earns something by being good or meeting a goal I'm all for it but not because we stepped in a store.

  7. Omg my mom ALWAYS says "nothing good happens after midnight"!! I am thankful for that curfew too!! I also have 2 sisters and I am so very thankful for them. As much as we used to fight, we are now best friends and my older sister and I built houses beside each other :) Our husbands are now best friends too!

  8. This is so true!! All of these things! I wasn't the greatest "teen" and now that I have my own baby girl to raise, I think back to how now I understand why there were rules! :)

  9. This is so awesome!! I HATED how strict my dad was (and still think he was OVERLY strict), but I do appreciate the guidelines I had because I see "kids these days" out and about late at night, and I know they aren't up to anything good!!