I can't take credit for these prompts - it's all Sara.

Making // Plans with Stephanie and Caitlyn for a girls weekend in Napa for next year

Loving // the second set of photos I took of P
Waiting // on lots of Christmas presents to arrive at my office. I started early this year and I am feeling so good about that!

Wondering // what songs on Justin Beiber's album are about Selena Gomez

Drinking // Martinellis Apple Juice 

Reading // I just finished the book Waiting to be Heard: The Story of Amanda Knox - it was so good I couldn't put it down! I rented it through the Overdrive app which is pretty awesome. You link it to your library card and can check out books at no cost.

Planning // a fun link up next week with my Savvy Sassy Mom Scouts - sweet treats for the holidays! I hope you will join us!

Wanting //  a pedicure  (see also desperately needing)

Looking // through glasses that seriously need to be replaced

Listening // to a preview of Justin Beiber's album, Purpose.  

Playing // stinky feet with P. She thinks it's hilarious when I smell her feet and pretend they are smelly. 

Enjoying // being a mama

Wasting // sleep because I am browsing social media

Wishing // to win the lottery

Marveling // at how small we really are in the universe

Needing // this book for little miss 

Anticipating // Adele's new album, 25, on Friday - I totally pre-ordered that!

Smelling // Pantene - I just can't quit this cheap amazing smelling shampoo

Wearing // Pajamas

Liking // the holidays - I love this time of year!

Noticing // how much my photography has improved over the year 

Thinking // about Paul Walker and how I still miss him 

Feeling // sad now that I thought of Paul Walker - ha!

Opening // a pint of Steve's Southern Banana Pudding ice cream - so freaking good.

Watching // The Affair, the only reason I have Showtime

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  1. Loved reading this about you!!! And the picture is precious!

  2. I love this currently lists! And fill me in why I need to preorder the Adele cd? Now that everything is digital is there a chance they won't have enough if I wait for the day of lol? I definitely want the cd!

  3. Such a sweet picture of Miss P! I have heard amazing things about Biebers new album!

  4. What Steph said :) So excited! I love watching Homeland on Showtime, so good! Maybe I'll start watching the affair too!

  5. Love this (and the smell of Pantene)!!

  6. so glad that justin appeared twice on this list because now I feel better about the fact that I've been listening to his album nonstop, and I thoroughly enjoyed bieber week on ellen. theres just somethin about him!

  7. Um, pretty sure I'm inviting myself in these Napa plans for next year with you girlys! lol ;)

  8. Love the Affair too! And Fargo is SOO good this season (on FX). it's seriously my favorite show right now!

  9. The first thing I did this morning was to see if my 25 album came through last night and it did so you know exactly what I'll be doing today!

  10. So much good music has come out recently! Are you loving 25 as much as I am? That girl is so crazy talented.