Five things to stop doing in my thirties

When I wrote the post five things I wish I started doing in my twenties it got me thinking about five things I need to stop doing in my thirties. Nothing like a little perspective right? I am a hard nut to crack when it comes to bad habits, while thankfully, excessive drinking or cigarette smoking does not make the list (because, gross) a bunch of other semi annoying things do. So to shine a spotlight on myself here are five bad habits that need to kick the bucket.

1. Skin care

It's embarrassing to even type this out while this post is still in draft mode. For more than ten years I have had a terrible habit of picking my cuticles. Nail technicians shame me, David absolutely loathes it and one time a Dr. tried to prescribe me Prozac to conquer it at the young age of 15 (to which my parents thankfully said no thanks).

It's gross, it's embarrassing and not even a nice bi-monthly manicure can help it. I pick when I am bored, anxious, stressed you name it. I really want to stop this and have cuticles I don't have to apologize for when I step into a salon but haven't yet found the answer I am looking for.

2. Hitting the snooze button five jillion times

I am as night owl as they come and I always pay the price in the morning. I go to bed only to scroll social media for hours upon end, my eyes bleary and my swiper finger cramping. I never have enough time in the morning to fully get ready because...duh, I'm tired. My alarm goes off at the correct time - it's just that cramped up swiper finger knows how to mute it.

3. Not preparing for a future emergency

With David's accident last year I should know better than anyone to have a plan B. I don't mean by way of savings account, which of course we have. I mean it as in life insurance and a living will. If anything ever happened to the two of us I would roll over in my grave knowing P went into a court system until it all got figured out. The younger you apply for life insurance the lower the rates so what are we waiting for?

4. Sugar

Meet my mistress. Sugar is my number one craving on a daily basis and I need a serious detox from it. I honestly crave it like I imagine an addict craves their fix. Perhaps a good whole 30 cleanse will help shame the sugar out of me. Don't even get me started on Diet Coke...

5. Comparison to others

I saved this one for last because it's easily the worst habit I allow myself to fall into but also the easiest to break. It is so incredibly true that comparison is the thief of joy. Someone somewhere will always have it better than you and someone somewhere will always have it worse. When I find myself in a rut I remind myself of all the things I love about my life (which truly is a lot!) and just know that our story is simply still being written.

Now make me feel better about myself and tell me a bad habit (or two!) of yours!


  1. Oh sweet friend, I have a few of these bad habits too!!
    Good old sugar and I are also having a long standing love affair - and mine is with REAL Coca Cola and not Diet :( I also hit snooze EVERY morning!!

  2. I have an obsession with sugar too. It's bad and I am working on that (or am I?) I find myself comparing myself to others or being my own worst enemy all of the time. Stop that!

  3. Couldn’t agree more with this post! Sugar is such an addiction for me too!

  4. Love all of these things! And agree with all of them except I am totally a morning person. I have lights out by 9:30pm and I am wide awake when my alarm goes off!!

  5. Yes to all of this esp. the sugar. I need to stop.

  6. oh, sugar. I'm just not sure I can do with out a peanut butter cup every once in while.

  7. OH man I have so many habits I need to break. I really need to figure out a skin care routine because I'm not getting any younger. And I am with you on the snooze button. I SO wish I were a morning person, but I struggle so much. I snooze at least a half hour a day, so bad! And I also agree about a plan for the future, we don't have kids yet but just to be safe and prepared for anything.

  8. Oh, the comparisons. I am always forgetting that other people my age are obviously going to be "ahead" of us, because my husband chose to get a PhD. It will be worth it in the end, but right now, yeah, we're behind.

    My other bad habit is just worry. I have anxiety, and I just worry about unlikely scenarios constantly.

  9. This is such a great list!! We just got additional life insurance but have no will! AHH. It's awful. One thing I need to stop doing is going to bed with make up on. I'm SO BAD at it. And sugar...can't stop!

  10. Grear post!! I can totally relate to most of this (apologizing for pitiful nails/cuticles, sugar, and comparing especially) and being as I'm turning 30 in exactly 6 weeks, I need to start working on these things now!!

  11. Yes to the night owl/snoozing thing. I always pay the price for this! And who am I kidding, I'm guilty with the sugar problem too. I don't know if I can kick that one!

  12. Yeah. Me and sugar. We have a prob. I can't seem to make myself jump on the whole 30 ship though I probably should....

    I'm also a late night, snoozer of a morning person. I don't even set an alarm. I just get up when the girls do. Oops.

  13. Fellow cuticle picker here! It's gross, and I can't stop! And Conor will hate for doing it until I am 90!

  14. Love this post! I definitely can agree on the sugar and comparing to others! Life insurance is more affordable than you'd think! My husband and I have almost a million value between the two of us and pay less than $60 a month!


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