Found Art

David often teases me that I have a horrible knack for decorating when I need to find something purposeful. Sure I can fill my home with things here and there but when it comes to big important pieces I usually just let the wall hang empty until the right thing comes along.

I walk a little less than a mile to work each day and from my house to my office I go directly through our downtown area. Trust me - it's nothing but trouble. Everyday I would walk by this one store and see this piece in the window and just love it a little more each time. The funny thing is that I was walking by a high end patio store, not the type of place I would think to discover artwork!

Each day I grew more and more anxious it was going to disappear out the window so last Friday I went right in and said I'll take it. My first thought was that I was going to carry it home however I quickly discovered that was not an option. David came round to get me and we loaded her in the car.

It is a hand carved wooden circle from India and the workmanship to create it has been passed down for many generations. I loved that it was it's own unique piece but I mostly loved how much it reminded myself of me and David. It's like the ocean and the forest combining into one. Just like him and I.

Five years of an empty wall and it was worth the wait.


  1. What an awesome piece! So much history and its beautiful.

  2. AMAZING piece!! I love finding good art finds... seriously it takes me months to decorate a room because I just wait for the perfect piece. It's always worth the wait!!

  3. I already raved on IG, but I am obsessed with it. I love the story behind it even more!

  4. LOVE it .. Worth the wait - it looks perfectly in its place :)

  5. That is absolutely gorgeous! Well worth the wait!