David turns 34 and P turns terrible

This past weekend was a doozy. On Friday, last minute, I booked a room in Carmel to surprise David for his 34th birthday. Just a quick little 24 hour trip. We knew it would rain on Saturday and were just looking forward to having a fire and hanging out. Nothing fancy, super low-key. However little miss P had a different agenda which included no nap, refusing to eat, and just wholly and absolutely overstimulated. We both agreed that this weekend was the worst behavior we have ever seen out of her.


With that being said (and now that I am in the comfort of my home!) we still managed to make the best out of it. We blazed a fire, learned a new dice game called farkle (read: nerds) and laughed until our sides ached. I purchased some new ornaments and even though I never got to step foot on the beach, I got to enjoy seeing Finn run around with the upmost glee on his face.

Our takeaway from the trip? Next time little miss stays home.


  1. Makes for wonderful memories that you guys can look back on and laugh!

  2. My children turn into monsters the second we leave our house. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Traveling with kids is so hard. I hear it gets easier, but I'm not sure I believe it.

  3. The last trip where kids were involved, Scott and I both agreed was so. much. more. work. than had we just stayed home.

  4. Why does that always happen?? Murphy's Law!! x