Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

I'll be the first to admit that stockings in our house have been rather lacking in years past. I partially blame not having a fireplace to properly display them. However I fondly remember stockings as a kid and this year they will not be neglected! I have had fun picking out little things here and there for P's and David's stocking. 

I wouldn't mind if my stocking is only filled with bath bombs because I love them so much. We are big fans of the bubble bars for P. Usually I cut them up into quarters for multiple uses. I love they way they make her skin smell post bath.

I am one of those people who's iPhone fell under the recall so I had to invest in a portable charger to carry around. I really like this one from Target and like that it plugs directly into the phone without a cord. I can get two full battery charges out of it and always carry it with me. After two good charges I charge it overnight.

Long ago my bestie, Kerri, introduced me to Fraiser Fir by Thymes and as far as the holidays go - there is really no better scent. It's a good middle of the range price candle too but the scent definitely fills the air. 

Lastly of course I had to throw some camera gear up on the list. I recently invested in a new remote (less than $20!) it's a great way for us "behind the lens" people to get in front. I hope to use it a lot during the holidays and get in the frame a bit more! 

Do you have anything you traditionally stuff your stockings with? I know P would be absolutely DAZZLED if I got her one of those dang surprise eggs she always watches videos of! (Apparently they are banned in the US?) I also love the idea that children can open their stockings while waiting for their parents to wake up. Gives them something to do and gives me a little more shut eye!


  1. Shopping for stocking stuffers is my favorite! You know bath bombs will. E in there! And have you tried Lush's buff bar....? Sooo good!

  2. These are all fabulous ideas! I need to invest in a camera remote! Can't beat the price!

  3. vi would love those little peppa dolls! xo jillian - cornflake dreams