Life Lately

Another weekend has come and gone and I am slowly unwinding on the couch mentally trying to prepare myself for another rainy work week. I started watching the new HBO show Big Little Lies and woah - some crazy story lines going on over there! I love watching shows that are set in towns I am familiar with (hello Parenthood!) and while I don't live in Monterey it is somewhere we go pretty often.

I am so excited that daylight saving is upon us. I am one of those people who loves daylight savings because it means light after work and it just feels like more time in a day. I know this is not a popular notion among most parents because it means kids wake up earlier. While I do have a child that hates going to bed - she also likes to sleep in. So bring on the sun!

Some pics we snapped throughout the week! Including the first image that Pottery Barn Kids regrammed <3

 dress // vanity 

 dress // jacket (similar) // boots (similar)


  1. I am SO ready for daylight savings! Bring on the extra hour of light!

  2. Girl, I am sooooooo ready for some more light!!!!!!!!! And cutest pics!

  3. big little lies makes me want to visit cali ASAP! it's beautiful! xo jillian