Scenes from the weekend

I finally had a weekend that involved zero plans and it was so nice. I woke up knowing that if I wanted to stay in my pajamas all weekend long I could and I haven't been able to do that in forever. David had a golf tournament on Saturday so that meant P and I had a girls day. Which I wish had been a little more fun than cleaning the house but we made the most of a dreary day.

I was thinking about taking her to see Sing for her first movie experience but when she wouldn't sit through Trolls I quickly ditched that notion. Maybe when she is three. We did however squeeze in lot of picture taking, par for course around here.

While it's a bummer that Monday has once again reappeared it's short week for us since we are Tahoe bound this weekend. So hopefully these next four days go by rather quick! Sharing some snaps from our weekend below.


  1. So cute! How's that potty book treating you? We are getting NOWHERE with potty training.

  2. Oooh that last picture!!! Love it.

    Good luck potty training. It was kind of the worst over here. I don't even want to think about it with Mabel for a longgggg time.