Friday Musings

It's 11am on a Thursday night and I am watching Hills reruns. True life, Presley was screaming her head off for no apparent reason for over an hour. Pair this with her "up every two hours" last night and I am one exhausted mama.

I have not been up to much around these parts aside from playing around with my DSLR trying to self teach myself how to shoot in manual. For you photographer's I have a question: How do you focus sharply on the eyes?

For the most part I am using autofocus and today I was playing around with manual focus but I feel like my photos are never super sharp! I have a Canon Rebel t4i and any tips would be appreciated!
(But then I see this photo and think I am being too hard on myself :)

I hope you all have a lovely Friday - as for me I am hoping my weekend involves some serious sleep!


  1. she's the cutest! i hope she sleeps soon tho ;) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I can't imagine how tired you much be!! At least she is super cute :) I still have yet to try manual on my camera but good for you mama!

  3. You have an adorable little model to practice on! I hope she sleeps tonight for you!

  4. She's so freakin cute and I love that you watch reruns of The Hills! I used to love my some LB and The Hills! Ally - Life as I know it

  5. I shoot pretty exclusively in manual mode with my BUT I don't use manual focus (only in rare isolated instances). Auto focus doesn't "steal" your creativity with a shot the way using automatic mode shooting does! You can change the focal points that your auto focus will go to; on my cam it's the button on the far top right, behind the dial.