Blog Sale : Baby Girl Clothing

Have you ever heard over Overdrive? It's an app that allows you to check books out of your local library (you must have a library card). My sister told me about it awhile ago and I found that a lot of books I was interested in were already checked out. However I placed a hold on one and forgot about it until last night when it became available for download.

Most of us have heard of it but The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is seemingly what it is cracked up to be. I was only 20 pages in when the overwhelming urge to get rid up unnecessary crap was already burning up in me. 35 pages in and I have already filled up two large trash bags with clothing to donate.

Marie Kondo's principal is that in order to really clean up your home you need to do one major event of tidying. Once you eliminate anything that no longer serves a purpose you will find that everything you do have will have a place to belong to. When you're done your home should only be filled with things you absolutely love. It was resonating with me so I decided to start her method. She says that you start with things that have the least sentimental value like clothes and work your way to the harder things last. By the time you get to that portion you have a better sense of what you want to keep and why,

Can I admit right now that some of the things I had were so old they dated back to my college days! Yikes! Most things went into a donation bag, others went into an eBay pile and some of my daughters clothing is for sale right here! What doesn't sell will eventually go on eBay but I wanted to give you guys first shot at it.

If you see something you would like just leave a comment below! All prices include shipping. All clothing that is preowned is washed exclusively in Dreft detergent and comes from a smoke free home.

PayPal only. If the item has a strikethrough it is sold. Please pay within 24 hrs.

Lily Pulitzer for Target | 18 months | Brand New with Tags - $15
I am not really a Lily fan so I rather these go to someone that is!
Cherokee Dress | 18 months | Brand New with Tags - $10
Aden & Anais Bubble Romper | 9-12 mos | Excellent Used Condition - $15
I loved this sweet little romper!
Baby Gap Shorts w/ Tights | 18-24 months | Excellent Used Condition - $6
Baby Gap Sweater | 18-24 months | Worn Once - $10
Baby Gap Cable Knit Sweater | 12-18 months | Good Condition - one small pull - $8
Might be best for a 6-12 month old, arms are snug.
Baby Gap Embroidered Hoodie | 12-18 months | Excellent Used Condition - $15
Hard time parting with this one but she only wore it once and by that time it was too small.
Little Me Tutu Dress | 18 months | Brand New with Tags - $10
Oshkosh Chambray Button Down | 18 months | Worn once - $7
This shirt is adorable but my P's little belly won't fit into it!
If you know someone who would like any of these items please share!


  1. Goodness she has the cutest clothes!! :) I've been selling my kids stuff too. A bit bittersweet to see all the old stuff.

  2. Good for you! I consign most of SS' clothes at a seasonal sale. It is nice to get some money to shop the sale! I love overdrive because I don't have to go to the library to return books. So lazy, but so awesome.

  3. Lilly shorts please! Cmgudan@gmail

  4. Some serious cute stuff! I really need to do a massive clean out... once the snow melts ;)

  5. I'm bummed that I didn't get the shorts! Cute stuff!

  6. This is such a good idea. I had no idea how blog sales work because I haven't come across one before. More people should do this, myself included!!

  7. If I had a little one, I would be all over these cute items. I need to read this book... I feel like it's so inspiring!

  8. I've got a hold on the book at our library too! Might be good timing for spring cleaning ;)