Buying Lately: Makeup Edition

I have been on such a beauty buying kick lately. I think this happens every year right before my birthday - ahh the joys of aging. I got some splurges and some cheapies and I will share them all right here.

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Effect (Target, $12)
I purchased this out of laziness when my normal Makeup Forever HD foundation ran out. I was at Target and googling what a dupe would be since I didn't know the next time I would be at Sephora. Well I purchased natural beige and it was way too dark for my skin. So I can't be too fair in it's review since I did make sure to stop at Sephora the next day! That being said the consistency seemed a bit thinner than the MFHD but the way lower price point will have me giving it another try.
Verdict: Buy correct shade and reassess.
NARS Albatross Blush (Sephora, $30)
I had watched a YouTube video where the girl used this like a highlighter after contouring her face. She sprayed a fan brush with water and then lightly swept this blush onto her cheekbones and forehead. It leaves a really nice dewy golden sheen.
Verdict: Love
Anastasia Contour Cream Kit (Light) (Sephora, $40)
I really wanted to start using a kit to highlight and contour my face. I purchased the cream kit as opposed to powder because my skin runs on the dry side. While I do like this kit I have to admit (and my husband would roll his eyes in agreement) it takes me a lot longer to put on my makeup. With cream a little goes a long way so it's a lot of applying and blending. I think it is probably a little advanced for a beginner HAC but I am starting to get the hang of it.
Verdict: Liking but definite learning curve
This was my first ever e.l.f purchase and I have to say for $3 I really like this brush. It's too small for the highlighting and contouring portion but it's perfect for the nose.
Verdict: It's $3 - love!

I actually bought the pressed version of this but can't find a link to it. I bought this because the girl at Sephora told me I should get the Laura Mercier version but I was feeling cheap. haha Honestly I have no idea if this really does anything but since I am using a cream I thought it would help my makeup stay put.
Verdict: Ehh I don't know if it actually works
My sister works for bareMinerals corporate and I strong armed her into buying me my birthday gift early. :) Ahh the power of sisters! What's nice about this brush is it's super compact and easy to blend my makeup. I use it for contouring my cheekbones and really love it!
Verdict: Love

I wanted this to be amazing and transforming but really it's a lot of bark and not a lot of bite. Womp, womp.
Verdict: Skip it

Basically what this tells me is that I have been buying way too much makeup! Tell me what is your favorite can't live without it product?


  1. Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is my absolute favorite! Highly recommend if you haven’t tried it yet! :)

  2. Love how we both did makeup posts the same day! Haha. But NARS highlighters are seriously the best!

  3. If I had to pick one makeup item to keep for the rest of my life it would be MAC select cover up. It comes in a teeny tube and is like a concealer-foundation combo miracle. It also actually comes in a shade pale enough for me so that's a big deal. I don't like all over foundation, I'm a concealer only type of girl and it's the perfect just-where-you-need-it product because it looks just like skin.

  4. I love these posts and finding new beauty items to try! I've been curious about the Revlon Photoready. I've been seeing it on blogs lately!

  5. I love that ELF powder to set my concealer. It definitely works for me!

  6. Yes to elf brushes! I just bought my first ones and I think I need more!

  7. Some must haves of mine are Real Techniques brushes, Sonia Kashuk perfecting luminous foundation, and the Urban Decay Naked palettes! I've been wanting to get my hands on a contour kit from Anastasia! Maybe I'll make a quick trip to Ulta this weekend... ;)

  8. I love hate these posts. I feel the need to run out and buy everything, and I just don't wear makeup all that often because I'm lazy. I just have a ton. oops.

  9. I use the Laura Mercier translucent powder & love it but I feel like I run through it too quickly. I pulled the Elf powder (loose version) out & LOVE the way it makes my skin look throughout the day. I do have oily/combo skin so I think that helps make it not look powdery. If your skin is dry, try a make-up spray before foundation & after you use the powder. I always love loose powders versus compacts.