We often get lost in our own head. Our day to day routines and way of life become so rote that we do things without thought. The dishes pile up, the clothing sits unwashed and why does it seem like you're perpetually out of paper towels?

While the daily in's and out's of life are often monotonous there are certain things we should not take for granted. It could be that daily phone call to your mom or the morning coffee your husband makes you. Perhaps it's not an action but more a verbal "love you" as you're running out the door late for what seems like the umpteenth time. 

It's easy to get lost in all the exchanges of the day and realize you're missing so much of it. Perhaps you're missing a friend silently asking for help or overlooking a husband wrought with stress over his job. A child who needs more attention at home and is acting out because of it. Maybe that achy knee is telling you to be more active or finally see a doctor. 

I never want to be the person who missed the signs. That someone needed help. A little more love. More understanding, more patience, more grace. This is just a gentle reminder to be present. To be less involved with ourselves and more engaged with the people we love and surround ourselves with.