Friday's Fancies: Working Girl

Working Girl

shoes // coat // pants // blouse // scarf // purse (Sold out) // necklace // rings

 I am lucky that I don't have to wear a suit to work. I would most likely find another profession if I did! A typical work out fit for me is skinny ankle pants, I am a huge fan of these,
paired with loose flowy tops as opposed to tighter fitting ones. Although I have never owned an Equipment blouse I see them often in Marshall's for a fraction of the price. A good place to look if you're coveting one!
In San Francisco a coat and scarf are essential as well as comfortable shoes. I wish I was the girl who wore heels all the time...but I have gone so long not wearing them that I prefer to wear flats in the office. Don't worry I still wear heels when I am out on the town!

I also don't wear much jewelry in the office aside from my wedding rings. I have only left them home one time to go to work since we have been married and I felt naked!

I snagged a very similar looking bag to that Foley & Corinna one when I was in New York at the Feast of San Gennaro. In fact the person I bought it from told me he used to have the contract with them and that is why the design is so similar. And the leather is like butttttter! 
This weekend David is going abalone diving with his dad and brother so I have the house all to myself. I am hosting book club this evening and then plan on doing a major closet purge over the weekend. I'll probably go buy David his anniversary present as well!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!
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  1. I love that leopard scarf and so happy to see it's cheap too! I wear scrubs to work and although it's so easy to just throw them on and go, sometimes I wish I could wear cute work clothes! I don't own any Equipment shirts either but really want to get one this Fall. I see them at my Marshall's/TJ Maxx too! What book are you reading for your book club? I've always wanted to join one! Have a good relaxing weekend!

  2. That purse is gorgeous!! I'm lucky I don't have to wear a suit to work either - I do still like "dressing up" a bit, but when Fridays roll around I am happy to put on my jeans and not have to think about a fancy work outfit lol.
    Have a great weekend! I love when I get time to go through all my stuff and organize/purge ;) It's been on my to-do list for awhile now, but I never seem to get it done!

    xx em

  3. LOVE the new purse! And the whole work look. Do women wear suits to work anymore anyway?! I would totally rock this in a heartbeat...natch.

  4. Um, PLEASE let us look at the stuff that you get rid of!!

  5. I am in total LOVE with Equipment shirts. I bought three just in the last two weeks. Do you have a Saks outlet near you? They just started carrying them there.
    Great bag.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the abs - yum!

  6. I love equipment shirts, I'm a horrible shopper and paid full price for the ones I have...we don't have any decent shopping nearby, so all of mine takes place on the internet. I miss Marshalls! I once left the house without my rings on the way to work too...when I realized it I literally felt so naked I turned around to get them even though it meant being a couple minutes late!


  7. Besides the fact that this bag is phenomenal...I need to know more about that dresser it's hanging on...gorgeous!

  8. Love, love that outfit! That bag is amazing. Have a great weekend :)

  9. Great working girl outfit! So my style too!

    Enjoy your YOU time weekend!

  10. love that purse!
    xo krystin

  11. I lurveee your bag and your work outfit! I actually prefer women wearing minimal accessories especially to work. Love your style! :) I'm visiting from the FF linkup.


  12. That dresser! What's the color of the gorgeous dresser? I'll take all of the above too.

  13. I love the purse!

    What colour is the dresser? It's beautiful!

  14. Love that purse! And I have that coat, wishing so badly it was cold enough to wear it!

  15. Love that sweet coat and the gorgeous necklace! Hope you had a good weekend!